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There are several options to paint your vehicle, from the cheapest to the highest range. Many times people seek to save money with methods in which they have to invest little money but end up damaging the car. Next, we will present to you which are the most suitable car paints. Are they all valid for painting your vehicle? Continue reading for more information.

Car Paints: What Options Do You Have?

Most of the time, when it comes time to change the paint on the car, the car has already changed hands. The new owner, in order to spend less money, usually look for the cheapest options to comply with the process. And he doesn’t know the damage he’s doing to himself. In general, painting a car usually takes around a week, and could take up to a month, depending on the procedure that he chooses to carry out. It will also depend on the work to be done and the damage to the car. In the market, there are various brands of paints, ranging from the most expensive and high quality; to even the cheapest ones, with which you will have to repeat the process of painting the car after a while. One of these techniques is the so-called “gouache”, which consists of applying one or even two layers of cheap paint, after this, polish it with some cream. This is done in order to save money or perhaps mislead future car buyers into believing the paint is in “excellent condition”. But just as this process is economical, after a few months you will see the damage again.

Another similar technique is the “hard bone” to cover some imperfections. These, being the cheapest, obviously do not last over time. You should always invest in quality services. This consists of the use of materials, tools, personnel, equipment, and facilities with proven quality. It is always good to ask for references of how certain workshops work, or which is the best one in which the body and paint service can be entrusted.

Types of Paint to Apply To Your Car

There are three types of paints that will make your car look really good, maybe a lot like it came out of the dealership. These are acrylic, polyurethane, and polyester.

Acrylic Paint

For starters, acrylic paint, which usually lasts a long time, also has good weather resistance. Its finish and brightness are usually great. This can be applied to the vehicle outdoors, with the exception that there is a stable temperature of 20 °C, in addition, that the humidity relative.

Polyurethane Paint

Polyurethane is a paint that, in addition to containing pigments, contains: catalyst enamel, hardeners and protective filters from the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and they are very harmful, yes for car paints too. Normally, polyurethane paint is the most used and demanded because it offers more shine, its finish is first class and it usually lasts over time. They usually influence, in a better job, the form and the place that it is applied. This must be applied to the vehicle, in controlled environments, because it is sensitive to climate, humidity, and solids that are suspended in the air. This must be used inside paint chambers, with a controlled atmosphere. The drying time also has an influence. Each car and each brand of paint has a specific drying time that must be taken care of and respected. In the event that the person applying this type of paint does not really know how to do it, the end result could be a real disaster. For example, if the subject in question applies the final lacquer before time, the acrylic paint solvent will try to come out through the micropores. When this happens, it gives the effect of a fisheye or orange peel, which the result is not at all pleasing to the eye. You should always keep in mind that the higher the quality of the paint, the better its performance and the final result.

Car painting process

Painting a car is not as simple a process as it seems, but it is not as complex either.

  • The first thing they will do is disassemble everything: doors, edge windows, rubber, accessories, roof lining, doors, etc. Before starting the entire painting process, all areas will be sanded to remove all rusted areas. 
  • After this, putty will be applied to all scratched areas, to avoid imperfections, gaps, etc.
  • After this basic process, the entire painting procedure will begin. First, a coat of base paint is applied, and then three coats of your selected paint, then polishing, and finally drying.
  • After drying, the entire car is rebuilt, the electrical parts are tested and the car is ready to be shown off by its owner. Some workshops spray paint directly, others do it with specialized ovens. The latter allows a better finish.

Now that you know the real process of how a vehicle should be painted. But, are all valid points to paint your vehicle? Everything will depend on the needs and the budget you have. Instead of going for cheap options, it will always be preferable that you save a little more and invest in high-quality paints.

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