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Are you planning to open up a new restaurant? If so then you’ll be interested to know how we helped with a Commercial Refrigeration Company They needed interpreters for their walk-In cooler business.

But truly, what is the difference between a walk-in cooler and a refrigeration unit for commercial purposes? Well, there are a lot of differences, and it isn’t just about size and design. The differences go deeper to the features and the functionality as well. That being said, let’s look at the difference between these two refrigeration options and help you decide which one you should pick.

  • Floor Plan and Available Space

Any business owner looking for a cold storage solution must consider the space available in the business premise. For the walk-in coolers, they need a big space and floor plan to install. This means that you must have plenty of space to help you set up the unit without a problem. But if you don’t have a large space to set up the walk-in cooler, you can always choose to install them outside. If not possible, then a commercial refrigerator should be your best pick.

  • Storage options

Since walk-in coolers require a large space to install, it also means that they will offer you a bigger storage option for your food and other perishables. The refrigerator might be big but can sometimes come with limited space if you have a large restaurant.

  • Energy efficiency

Surprisingly enough, you can find walk-in coolers that come with great energy efficiency than some traditional refrigerators. Also, walk-in coolers can be customized with proper insulation to help save you energy. It is difficult to find custom made refrigerators Also, ensure that the commercial refrigerator comes with an ENERGY Star certification if you want to buy it.

  • Maintenance and repair

Most commercial refrigerators will come with a high demand for maintenance and repair. If it happens to break down and the temperature exceeds 42°F, you might be forced to throw away the food. They also need a professional to come fix them when they break down.

But with a walk-in cooler that is made by a reputable manufacturer, they are easy to maintain because they are usually built to last for many years. All you need to do is to keep in clean, and troubleshoot it time and again to check if everything is good condition.

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